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Moose Training Systems



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This is for ANYONE who wants to get in better shape, be accountable to a team and get their 2024 off to a healthy start. You’ll learn all the basics of exercise, progressions, nutrition and programming… even if you don’t know what those terms mean yet. This is to get you moving. Whether for your family, your confidence or for your own health.

Being the worlds strongest man, I’ll help you get STRONG! Being a former marathon runner, I’ll help you get fit. Being an ex bodybuilding competitor I’ll help you lose weight (or gain weight - you’ll learn both). Last, but not least, being formally educated combined with practical experience means we will be doing it all safely.

What's included:

  • 12 week individualized program
  • Weekly meetings* run by 2023 Worlds Strongest Man Mitchell Hooper
  • Private communication channel with Mitchell and the Team
  • Weekly video reviews*
  • Weekly Q+A*

Can't wait to have you apart of the team!

- Mitchell Hooper

*This is the weekly payment plan option for 12 weeks*

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