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Moose Training Systems



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After a big success of STRONG 1.0, we are bringing it back. This is for any powerlifter or strongman looking to learn from not only the strongest man in the world, but a man with 6 years of post secondary education and a decade of experience in injury treatment, prevention and strength and conditioning.

You WILL get stronger. You WILL be better equipped for your training FOREVER.

From a deep dive into nutrition, hydration, weight management, advanced recovery principles and more. Mitchell is going to dive into areas of these important topics that he’s never covered before.

What's included:

  • 12 week individualized program
  • Weekly meetings* run by 2023 Worlds Strongest Man Mitchell Hooper
  • Private communication channel with Mitchell and the Team
  • Weekly video reviews*
  • Weekly Q+A*

Can't wait to have you apart of the team!

- Mitchell Hooper

*This is the weekly payment plan option for 12 weeks*

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