The Critical Error in Strongman Programming

Let's dive into a crucial aspect of strongman training that often gets overlooked—the significance of progressive overload. As a professional athlete, I've learned firsthand the importance of this principle in maximizing strength gains.

Progressive overload boils down to a simple yet often misunderstood concept: each week, you must push yourself to do more than the previous week. This means sticking to the same movements and meticulously tracking your progress. Too often, I see athletes switching up their exercises too frequently, hindering their ability to gauge improvement accurately.

The key challenge here is to gradually increase your loads by 2 to 5% every week. Going beyond this range risks injury, while falling short results in minimal progress. Let me illustrate with an example: imagine someone doing a log press at 150 kilos one week, then switching to a slightly different log the next week and adding a mere 2 kilos. Seems harmless, right? But that slight variation can lead to instability, increasing the load disproportionately and elevating the risk of injury.

The solution? Slow, steady progression is the name of the game. It's not about rushing to lift heavier weights; it's about allowing your body to adapt and grow stronger over time. By adhering to this approach, you'll not only mitigate the risk of injury but also ensure tangible strength gains.

Of course, progress doesn't happen overnight. It's essential to set realistic timelines and periodically reassess your training regimen. Typically, I recommend cycles of five to six weeks, occasionally extending to eight weeks, before recalibrating your approach.

When transitioning to a new training block, maintain a balance between familiar movements and introducing slight variations to keep your neuromuscular system engaged. Remember, consistency is key, but monotony breeds stagnation. By strategically diversifying your routine, you'll sustain your progress and avoid hitting a plateau.

I hope this helps introduce progressive overload into your training. If you're looking for some structure to your workout check out my PDF Training program titled, Strongman Offseason!

As always, lift heavy and be kind 

- Mitchell Hooper





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