This is about setting a foundation. It’s about improving conditioning and building muscle to get you a much better base to carry you into into next season. Whether you’re a strongman who wants to get a little bit fitter or you want to smash your 1RM’s by increasing your muscle mass first, this is the program for you. Just as every other offering I have its not just the program, it’s also week by week education on what exactly you need to know to make the most of this off-season.

  • The program is great, but Hooper is right when he says this is to teach you skills moving forward. Im looking forward to my training over the long run with the lessons I am going to carry into my program moving forward.

    - Trent, Australia

  • This was my first strongman program! Tough, but doable. Kicking into my next Moose program now!

    - Oscar, New York

  • This was the kick I needed. Training was a bit stale and I didn’t have any competitions coming up, so I needed something to stick to. I certainly got more than I bargained for and Im at all time strength levels after this program. Highly recommended!

    - Damien, UK