In this program, you will lose that stubborn fat and learn how to keep it off. The simple science of calories in and calories out will always reign true, but the conversation doesn’t stop there. I’ve put together a 12 week program that takes you through everything you need to know to lose weight, get stronger, and become a better athlete. The answers are here, are you ready?

Enclosed are all of my tips and tricks relating to diet and exercise to get you where you want to go – a fitter, healthier version of yourself.

– Mitchell


  • 12 Week customizable program designed to lose weight and increase strength/athleticism
  • 12 Weeks of weight loss education
  • Full break down of your nutrition, and why you should make certain changes
  • How to improve fitness while losing weight
  • Bonus meal plan ideas and much more
  • I haven’t been able to gain weight since starting strongman and I’m hoping to move up to the u105kg class next year. Ive gone from 87kg to 91kg using these principles.

    — Garrett, Scotland

  • Thank you for cutting through the nonsense in social media “experts” and nutrition personalities. Happy to have joined Team Moose!

    Louis, Florida

  • Nutrition has always been a tough one for me, with so many different opinions and so much information out there. This cut through it all, and gave me the basic science to get a clear direction.

    — Fiona, Ontario