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As someone who has pulled 475kg, I know what it takes to get your deadlift to the next level. Combined with my masters degree in physiology, undergraduate in human kinetics, many years as a strength and conditioning coach and experience as a physical therapist, this is going to teach you how to lift bigger weights efficiently and how to do it safely.

In our first run of the 12 week program with 35 participants, this deadlift program increased saw an average increase of 22%! You’re not only going to get the program, you’re going to get weekly breakdowns of where your feet should be, where your knees should be, how your torso should be angled and you can follow the program along with that. The real value comes with learning how many intricacies go into simply picking the bar off the ground.

** Training schedule = 5 days training, 2 days rest per week


  • Same program I used to deadlift 475KG
  • Weekly education
  • Customizable program
  • 12 weeks of strength sport education
  • Average 22% increase in your deadlift
  • Head to toe technique breakdown
  • Participants gain an average of 21% on their deadlift over 12 weeks


  • How to use the program 
  • RPE
  • Foot position
  • Knee position
  • Torso angle
  • Shoulder position
  • Shoulder blade position
  • Pulling to your knees
  • Locking out your deadlift
  • Fixing your sticking point
  • The 5 second rule of deadlifting
  • Hitching
  • What’s next?


  • Barbell, plates, dumbbells, bench, safety squat bar, pull up bar, incline bench, back extension bench, cable machine, EZ curl bar

*Note: The equipment listed is a recommendation based on the program, each exercise can be substituted at your own discretion following the same movement pattern.


  • Commercial gym
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeramie Wills
Great summer program!

I had never deadlifted in my life until a year ago and at 47 years old I need some direction to get big numbers. I am a teacher so I have a lot of extra time in the summer for working out. This program is great so far and I seem to be getting a lot of work in without hurting myself which is important at my age. I hope to be well over 500lbs with my deadlift when I’m done.

Nicholas Lawry
46 y/o and hit a PR

I would like to let you know, I recently competed in a push/pull competition after using your program to increase my deadlift in 12 weeks. Last year I utilized my own program and took my deadlift PR from 195 kilos (429 lbs) to an even 200 kilos (440 lbs). I compete at a bodyweight of 67.5 kilos (148.75 lbs) and am always underweight. Currently I am 46 years old. This year I was able to pull 207.5 kilos (457 lbs) and was a little conservative. I believe I could have hit at least 212 kilos (466 lbs). The program also helped me add 7 kilos to my bench, which ended up at 122.5 kilos (270 lbs). I also got to a PR in my barbell incline since that is not an exercise I normally go heavy on (116 kilos). Next year I will be competing in a world competition (police and fire) and look forward to using the program again to add some more kilos and destroy the current records. Program was well worth the money and didn't require any special equipment.