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Part two of our muscle-building 12-week program is designed to take your gains to the next level, complemented by our comprehensive educational PDF. Building on the foundation laid in the first phase, this segment focuses on progressive overload, advanced training techniques, and specialized workouts targeting specific muscle groups for enhanced definition and strength. (This program can be done on it's own or with Muscle Building 1.0)

The educational PDF offers invaluable insights into advanced nutrition strategies, recovery optimization, and fine-tuning your training regimen for optimal results. With expert guidance from the World’s Strongest Man and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll continue to sculpt your physique and achieve new heights of muscular development. Join us in part two of our program and unlock your full potential.


  • 12 week customizable program
  • Education on diet, training and recovery to put on quality muscle
  • Training program designed to increase muscle, size and strength
  • How to improve fitness while gaining weight
  • How to build muscle and keep it on
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Been a competitive strongman for over ten years

I’ve been in strongman for over ten years. Coming back from injuries I wanted to make sure I was recovering better and still able to make progress. This program has been great getting me back into a routine without being over the top and really has really helped me come back. I purchased the deadlift peak and strongman offseason PDFs after running this and am looking forward to those when the time is right. The variability and workload is just right on this one to get me ready for a more intense deadlift phase later on. So far loving how my body is responding to this.


The spreadsheet is straightforward to follow. Added with the other Moose Coaching programs is taking my lifting to the next level. Thank you.

Ethan close
Best bang for your buck

The information and programming is like having a personal coach, just without the unrealistic price tag that the average person can’t afford!
This is my third program and I’ve loved them all, the progression and step by step walk through really make this great!

Heath Bloomfield
Lift Heavy & Be kind

Very Happy, some days ( upper body) not to bad, however the lower days, prepare for the DOM's .
Overall great work out just have to make sure your always pushing yourself with it and not going through the motions.
Keep it up Moose!

Ron Burgandy
2 weeks in and feeling a difference already

As the title alludes, I have been on this program for 2 weeks and am beginning to see small, incremental differences in my movements. My previous program had lacked direction but the way Moose breaks down each day bit by bit is a tremendous help. Highly recommend !!