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Muscle Building PDF Bundle

Muscle Building PDF Bundle

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In these programs, you will get bigger and stronger if you follow the exercises and advice. The simple science of calories in and calories out will always reign true, but the conversation doesn’t stop there. How do you eat when you’re not hungry? How do you maximize training without burning so much energy that you can’t gain weight? The answers are here.

As a former 220 pound marathon runner turned 320 pound World’s Strongest Man, I have had my fair share of experiences with the trials and tribulations of putting on useful mass. Enclosed are all of my tips and tricks relating to diet and exercise to get you where you want to go – a bigger, stronger version of yourself.

Training schedule = 4 days training, 3 days rest per week

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chris Streeper
Going to the Next Level

I weighed in on my 43rd birthday at a very unhealthy 312 lbs and decided to make a change. After spending a few months trying to figure things out I began strength training in a local gym in November. My 44th birthday is approaching and I've lost 33 lbs overall weight, dropped 10% body fat, and put on some muscle. I now feel confident in the gym to take things to the next level.

I began following Moose after he won the World's Strongest Man, not just because he's the WSM, but because I like his LHBK philosophy. I picked up this bundle as a birthday present to myself and am going to commit to it for the next 24 weeks. I've already reviewed the materials and the program seems solidly built. Educational content is great. Workouts are laid out well with steady progression. I can easily do this in my regular gym.

Thanks Moose for putting together such a great program. I'll make a full report when I've completed it.

Andrew Smith
What do you have to lose

Jumping all in on this program. Looking forward to the changes that will come from following a well written program like this seems to be. 2/28/2024 145lbs