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Pre Workout Self Screening Guide

Pre Workout Self Screening Guide

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Self screening is a vital tool to push yourself to the limit, to know when to push and when it might be a better day for active recovery. As athletes and as an everyday person we are looking to get the most from our training, but sometimes we overextend ourselves, leading to injury risks, chronic fatigue and ULTIMATELY spinning our wheels.

The aim of this guide/worksheet is to give an objective analysis so you can determine how hard you can be working on a given day. 

– Mitchell

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Gave me a new way to evaluate my "state of body"

    Figuring out if I'm on track, and if I can push hard had been used for me. These tips are super helpful, and I recommend them for any exercise program

    Gary Stewart
    Good guide to how I'm feeling

    I have been going to the gym for 45 years. I sometimes have better days than others but Mitch's pre workout test makes it easier for me to know what to expect. He just happened to pick my two favorite stretches for determining how ready I am to lift. I recommend Mitch's programs to others in the gym who want to lift heavy, go straight to the best.

    Lewis Mackinnon
    Very useful tool

    I use the pre workout self screening guide every day before I train. It has changed the way I think leading up to a training session.
    Thanks Mitchell, you are a very positive influence in the world of weight training.

    Kelvin Summers
    Fantastic Information

    Great ideas on how to self assess your readiness to train. Very impressed!

    Hank Wollman
    Self Screening Guide Excellent

    Excellent guide, easy to understand and clear process to establish performance baseline for plan to set and reach objectives!