Iron Biby, I'm coming for your world record!

I have some exciting news: I’m gearing up to break a world record in July! I’ll reveal the details in a moment, but trust me, it’s going to be incredible.

For those of you who follow the sport closely, you’re probably wondering why July. We usually have events like the Shaw Classic in August and the World Deadlift Championships in September. But July at the Royal Albert Hall will be something special.

I’ve missed the world record for the axle clean and press (217 kilos) by just a bit in the past, but I know I can do it. I’m training hard and feeling confident, and those of you coming to the Royal Albert Hall will witness an unforgettable evening. This record is what I’m aiming for, and I’m confident we’ll make it happen.

 My hands are 100%, and I feel strong. This goal is not just about the record itself; it’s about achieving something that no one in history has done before. I already have a few smaller world records, but this one will be something I can tell my great-grandchildren about, even if it means I’ll be in a wheelchair from pushing my limits. So Iron Biby... I'm coming for your World Record.

Thanks for your support, and let's make history together!
As always Lift Heavy and Be Kind

- Mitchell Hooper


Watch the full WR video breakdown on my YouTube below:


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