No Stone Unturned - Is It Possible to Be Pain-Free as an Athlete?

Staying injury-free is what allows athletes to compete at the highest level and push their bodies to uncharted territory.

I've conquered mountains and lifted unimaginable weights, but to truly see what the human body is capable of, I'm exploring every recovery method available in the pursuit of leaving "No Stone Unturned".

Welcome to episode 1 of 12, Chiropractors and Physiotherapy. In this 12-part documentary series, we dive deep into the uncharted territories of human physical potential to shed some light on what works and what doesn't.

At the end of each video, I'm going to provide a score based on three crucial aspects: Personal Enjoyment, The Scientific Evidence, and The Practicality for the Average Athlete. You'll be able to compare it to the other dimensions of this series.

I hope you enjoy it and please share your thoughts in the comments. Just click the video player below, sit back, and get ready to learn.

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