The World's Strongest Group

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Group coaching is the most affordable option where you are able to speak one-on-one with me, Mitchell Hooper.

What happens when I join the team?

Before the start of the program you will receive all required information, links, and team invites via email. After this, my teams go though 12 weeks of customizable training and education which involves a weekly group zoom call. During this call we go through specifically designed sideshows on various topics. Team members are able to ask me any questions and post their own videos for review/feedback.

Outside of the weekly education sessions, you will have access to the team slack. In slack you can touch base with your fellow team members, ask questions, and showcase your progress along the way. Looking forward to meeting you.

- Mitchell Hooper, 2023 Worlds Strongest Man

The real goal here isn’t to make you better over a few months. The real goal is to give you the tools to make you better forever. To pass on a piece of 6 years of structured university education, a decade of coaching athletes, coaching pro strongman into Worlds Strongest Man, preparing international level powerlifters for competition, helping moms/dads/grandparents to be fitter and stronger – and working with everyone in between.